Public Transportation Millage Summary

Four of five public transit millage proposals in Michigan passed yesterday. In Cadillac/Wexford County millage was easily renewed, as it was in Bay City. In Genesee County an additional millage for MTA operations narrowly was approved while in Spring Lake Township in Ottawa County a new millage for expansion for Harbor Transit easily was approved. Only a new millage in Addison Township of Oakland County, for North Oakland Transportation Authority operations, failed by a narrow margin.

Benzie Transportation Authority Receives Eco Award

Public transportation fleets across the county are turning to propane autogas as a way to reduce their carbon footprint, cut fuel costs, and decrease dependence on foreign oil. This week, the Propane Education & Research Council and Metro Magazine recognized six top fleets for their recent adoptions of clean, American-made propane autogas at BusCon Expo in Indianapolis.

Propane-autogas-powered vehicles emit fewer harmful greenhouse gas and carbon emissions than vehicles running on gasoline and diesel, reducing short-term and long-term health effects on passengers, according to the company.

"This year’s award winners are a great example of how fleets can improve the economic and environmental well-being of their communities without breaking the bank to do it,” PERC Chief Business Development Officer Tucker Perkins said. “Propane autogas is a clean fuel that can also result in a strong ROI due to significant savings on fuel costs. Public fleets can trust propane autogas as an affordable, reliable fuel."

Benzie Transportation Authority recently adopted seven propane autogas shuttle buses with ICOM JTG II Systems, and one Ford E-450 transit vehicle with a dedicated Roush CleanTech fuel system. According to Chad Hollenbeck, BTA Operations Manager, the transit authority is the first in northern Michigan to adopt clean, green propane autogas.

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