Useful Website for Procurement and Recruitment

by Sherri Cadeaux, MPTA Communications Committee Chair

When I had recently attended a procurement course offered by the National Transit Institute, the instructors mentioned a website where transit systems can post IRBs and RFPs. The website is, and is accessed daily by vendors to the transit industry. The instructors said posting an IFB or RFP to this site satisfies FTA's requirement for a "public notice" to invite fair and open competition among vendors. The fee to post an RFP is a nominal $95. Open transit positions and employment opportunities also can be posted to this website to reach a national pool of candidates.

Buchanan Celebrates Ridership Milestone

by Kimberly O'Haver, President, Transportation Management, Inc.

Our little three-bus transit system in Buchanan is coming up for millage renewal on August 5, and we were inspired by Maureen’s efforts in Roscommon County, where they recognized their one-millionth passenger recently.

Since the City of Buchanan doesn’t really market the system, I decided that TMI would come up with a plan. We have been placing posters around town to gain some attention, and the City Treasurer is posting “fun facts” about the system on Facebook every few days, such as: “Did you know that Buchanan DAR is one of the oldest transit systems in the State?”

The 375,000th passenger will be recognized at the July 28 City Commission meeting, where that individual will be presented with a certificate and a gift bag provided by TMI (including free ride passes). The best part is that there will be a photo and newspaper article.

TMI also recently joined the Buchanan Area Chamber of Commerce, and that will present another photo opportunity as well earlier in July. We plan to have our “ribbon cutting” on a Buchanan DAR bus, and we will publicize the 375,000th trip at that time also.

These are neither big ideas nor creative ones, but for Buchanan DAR and the City, this is a fairly big deal. We appreciate MPTA’s encouragement with regard to marketing our systems, and I owe a debt of gratitude to Maureen for providing our little system with a terrific idea.

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