Maxxforce7 oil dilution

We have gone through every "magic re-flash" International has put out. We still have dilution issues, and now we have a new set of problems. Since the latest update we have an intermittent symptom of bucking/chugging on take off, accompanied by popping through the intake (sounds like a backfire). We have also lost three turbos now, the bushing tolerances are good, no coked oil or scarred bushings, just broken shafts. The shaft shears off clean right at the turbine wheel. Totally healthy turbo... until it explodes. We are now on our third turbo failure like this in less than 2 months, and it just seems too coincidental to have these kind of problems only after the most recent update. Has anybody else had similar issues? Do you have any information that may help us in the dilution battle with International? Please Email me with anything you can, this is getting frustrating..... and pricey.