Fleet Maintenance Software

We are looking into upgrading our fleet maintenance/inventory software. I would like to hear what everybody else is using currently and what you have used previously that did not work for you. Points of view from parts clerks, mechanics and fleet managers needed. What about your system do you love? What about it do you hate? Does the software company support their product, or did they sell it to you, set it up and walk away? Are inventory searches user freindly? I’m looking for all the ins and outs, so fire away

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Thank you for the post. We have a RFP on the street now. Our current system was develop by our IT department. I would be happy to share infomation with you in the future as we move through the interview/selection process. There are a lot of bad ones out there..

After the hearing about RTA fleet software from a few techs. @ the TVMS, I am more interested in it. Does anybody use it? Does it have bar coding capability? Pros/cons of the whole system?

MTA Flint is also in the process of designing an RFP for this software. I have treviewed Lansing’s software and I think Crag likes it so far it it Trapeze Asset works I think, But, I agree with Schipper, there are alot of bad products on the market

Aaron, we use RTA here at MOTA. We are very happy with it, yes it will do bar coding. There are many options that can be added to the base system, so you can customize it to your fleet. I suggest you call them at 800-279-0549.