RFP - Benzie Transportation Authority, Trolleys

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The Benzie Transportation Authority (BTA) has formed a consortium to purchase Up to (4) ADA Trolleys and is requesting price quotes for 2019 or newer 20-24 seat trolleys. Proposals must be emailed to Bill Kennis, BTA executive director, at bill@benziebus.com by 5 pm on April 26, 2021. The vehicles must be new and unused, and the proposal price must be good for at least ninety days after the submission deadline. Late submissions will not be accepted. Award will be to the best value for proposals that meet (score) at least 80% of the attached minimum evaluation criterion.

Direct all questions in writing to Bill Kennis, BTA executive director, at bill@benziebus.com by 5pm on April 16, 2021. All questions and BTA’s responses will be sent to all vendors sent a Request For Proposal. Verbal comments are not part of this solicitation.

The selected dealer may have to have a third-party subcontract approved by the Michigan Department of Transportation.

BTA reserves the right to accept or reject any or all quotes for sound, documentable, business reasons and to waive any minor irregularities or informalities. Award will only be to a responsive and responsible dealer.

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