IFB: Up to five, 38' buses

tFB: Sealedbidswill be received at the office of the YDART at 1987 E US 10, ldlewild Ml 49642-0L47 until 3:OO P.M. local time, on Thursday February 28,2019, at which time and place said bids shall be opened for the following item: up to five 2019, 38' buses. All offerors must use the proposal forms provided in the procurement package, which may be acquired from the Bookkeeping office at the above address, by email address cfisher@yatesdialaride.com, or by phone request to 237-745-731L x 220.

YDART reserves the right to reject any or all bids for sound documented business reasons, waive any defects or irregularities, and to accept the bid which is most advantageous to Yates Dial-A-Ride Transit. Minority owned and Female owned firms are encouraged to respond to the solicitation.

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Request for Proposals/Bids