i am looking for others experience with what tires they are running on ford cutaways and what kind of life they are getting out of the tires what works what dont traction etc…..

MTA Flint switched from the Goodyear “Wrangler” to the Firestone “Destination” and I personally liked that tire bettwer. Less roaqd noise and better mileage, But we went back to the Wrangler due to getting a better bid price

We use the Firestone destination with no problems, good winter traction and decent lifespan

Jimmie, We have been using the wrangler silent armors with good results until recently. We have been running into side wall failures lately (have had 3 fail in the last year). What I have found is that in tires close to the end of their life, they are developing verticle cracks on the interior sidewall. I have brought this to our goodyear dealers attention and they have forwarded it to their rep. The build dates were from 2408 to 3910 on the dozen or so tires I have seen this defect on. At this point goodyear has not given me a response on what the issue may be. We have stopped running the silent armors and are trying a set of SR-A’s. I know at Higgins Lake, the firestones were talked about and were only around $96 each, but it sounds like maybe they have had a price increase since Lynn says they have moved back to goodyear.